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Theresa Artillero

Do you know if Boy Paco (Francisco Lopez) is one of the members of sigue sigue commando?


I thought BABONG ROQUE is the founder of SSC?

mac mac

alegre is a surname of the tattoo artist in manila city jail JUN ALEGRE is his real name


Good day! I'm looking forward of meeting you one day because i am about to have a study on the major gangs in the Philippines and I believe that you are one of the people who have enough knowledge and resources with regard to these gangs.

David B Katague

Hi Sydney. welcome back to the world of blogging. I have not visited your site for sometime. Anyway, I will e-mail you when I am in Manila for coffee and conversation. I have a new blog on Marinduque

Ashish Sidapara

So which group did you join? ;-)


Hi Sidney welcome back...this is Haze ! I am glad you're back blogging.

I like tattoos but I'm afraid to do it. The thought of needle makes me tremble. Wait were you able to finally go to prison to have these wonderful pictures?

BTW, just change my URL though to find out why :D !


The dot thing is pretty common here too.

So sad such a cut creature can be a symbol for a gang


This is a good and informative post about gangs in the Philippines.

Have you heard of Akyat Bahay?


yay! you're back! fascinating new series you have here! looking forward to seeing more photos

Gérard Méry

Tu nous montres des bandes dessinées


I'm not able to get tattoos. I am very afraid of pain.
I am very glad for your return. Greetings.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Those are interesting marks. Each one must have its own significance.

Tito Boy

Gangs or groups identification are not limited on tatoos. Some groups use body burns or simply called "burns" to show their affiliation. Similar to a mark of a cow or a bull to signify its owner.

They mostly use a cigarette or pre-heated coin as a tool and place it usually in the arm or shoulder.


To Zhu:

For Hispanic gangs three dots mean:
"Mi vida loca." My crazy life.

But alas I am not sure it has the same meaning here in the Philippines. But it is clearly a sign they belong to the Sigue-Sigue Commando Gang.


What's the meaning of the three dots? Do you know?

I heard that it meant that one spent time in jail... not sure.

Symbols are fascinating.


hello sidney,
im sorry for not visiting for awhile ,but IM VERY HAPPY to see you back blogging :) by the way thanks for the visit and comment...

take care!


Am I mistaken or do those guys really mean business?


Truly fascinating! I've never seen something like this before.


I'm very impressed by the image of your last report. I imagine that these men are proud to show you their tattoos.


You know these remind me of the Hispanic gangs we have around here. They all have Tattoo's and they enjoy showing them off. They always have words across their backs or chest.


I thought there are only gangs as such in America and not Pinas. This is an eye-opener, definitely.



Hey Sidney,

How can I join the Sigue-sigue. Does one need to be an inmate in order to join? Or do they have outside members? Do they have membership fees? If not, how do they manage to exist? maybe they have patrons? Sorry for these questions, I you just struck the curiosity in me heheheh

Tattooing is an old tradition in the Philippines. Pigafetta, the friar-historian in the Magellan expedition, called the Visayan warriors "pintados" because of their tattooed bodies.

I love this series of yours. I think you broke grounds in blogging with this very powerful photographic document.

Congratulations, I'm proud to be your friend!


Very interesting post on the gangs and there tattoo's will be back later today to read more of your posts

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